Newton County
Sheriff's Office
Jasper, Arkansas
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Criminal Investigation Division


The Criminal Investigations Division works all felony complaints. The division averages working 200 felony cases per year. The rise in property crimes and personal crimes can be directly attributed to Methamphetamine use. The CID division has placed emphasis on targeting "meth "users and distributors. The CID Division is committed to the reduction or elimination of this dangerous practice. 

Kevin Thomas is on his second tour of duty with the Sheriffs Office. He has 35 years experience with State and County Law Enforcement. 

Detective Kevin Thomas works property, narcotics, and personal crimes. He is certified in Clandestine Lab Detection, Field training and is Law Enforcement Instructor.


Destroying marijuana

An operating "Meth Lab" found in Newton County

Some common ingredients used in the production of Red Phosphorous (red_p) lab


Marijuana & paraphernalia




















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